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Implementation of subway korting code Smart Electronic Acupuncture System (You-Sik Hong, Hong-kyun Kim and Baek ki Kim).2173-2178.
PDF Research on Modeling of Sound on Mountain Summits by Atmospheric Pressure Difference (Eun-young Yi and Myung-jin Bae).4413-4420.
PDF The Improving Methods of JIT Production Logistics Systems Interfaced with SAP (Doo-Jin Park, Hee-Sung Bae and Woo-Sun Kim).5545-5550.Analysis of Reuse Trader Construction in the h and m promo code free delivery Global Auto- Industry Supply Chain (Jing Sun, Ichiro Koshijima, Yoshihiro Hashimoto, Jun Kato, Sule ryuruk).4539-4554.PDF Vol.18,.6(B June, 2015 cover PDF Management and Social Sciences Prestigious Real Estate Measurement (Min-Seok Baik).2607-2612.PDF A Research on Job Stress, Psychological Well-Being and Coping Resources of Fire Officials: Focusing on the mediating effects of Self-Efficacy and Social Support (Hyo-Jin Shin and Ha-Sung Kong).6103-6110.PDF Effects of a Peer Tutoring Program applied to Nursing College Students (Min-Suk Kim and Suk-Won Hahn).7717-7724.Face Detection based on Skin Color Detection and Parallel Neural Network (Satoru Suzuki and Yasue Mitsukura).4853-4860.Medicine and Life Sciences Neural Substrates of Priming Effect for Japanese Word and Nonword when Compared to Figure Form (Chunlin Li, Xiujun Li, Hiroshi Kusahara and Jinglong Wu).2911-2926.Ahamed, Moushumi Sharmin, Shameem Ahmed, Michael.Road Network Modeling and Representation for Time-dependent Traffic Control (Luliang tang, Qingquan LI, Xue Yang, Feng Xu and Wenlin Zeng).6459-6472.Digital Audio Large-capacity Watermarking Scheme Based on Singular Value Decomposition (Rui Chen, Yulin Lan, Yuanyuan Luo and Mohanmad Reza Alsharif).3865-3874.An Improved Simulated Annealing Method to the Multiple Satellites Mission Planning (Peng wang and Li-Ning xing).5507-5514.PDF Agriculture and Engineering An Automatic Detection of Landmark Spot Pairs for Iterative Spot Matching Algorithms (Chan-Myeong Han, Dae-Seong Jeoune and Yun-Kyoo Ryoo).1213-1218.PDF A Study on Cyber Sickness of Virtual Reality based on HMD (Eun-Jee Song).5015-5022.An Locking and Unlocking Primitive Function of FSM-modeled Sequential Systems Based on Extracting Logical Property (Edward Jung, Chih-Cheng Hung, Ming Yang and Seonho Choi).6279-6290.PDF Hough Transform-based Robust Shot Change Detection in Digital Video Images (Seok-Woo Jang and Siwoo Byun).1245-1252.Unsupervised Lexical Entry Acquisition Model based on Representation of Human Mental Lexicon (Wonhee Yu, Doo-Soon Park, Taeweon Suh and Heuiseok Lim).2229-2242.