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Groupon voucher redeem

Do the code promo plopsa indoor math: It's important to be prepared for a very high redemption rate - so before you decide to run a Groupon promotion, do the math and make sure you'll still be in business if every Groupon user redeems their coupon.
For instance, if each 100 in revenue results in 40 of kortingscode brandkids nl marginal costs - which should not include fixed costs such as rent and employee wages - then you can assess the cost of giving away nof "free" goods or services as 40 percent.
Of course, it's possible (though unlikely) that you'll have a 90 percent or even 100 percent redemption rate.
Multiply your total loss for each transaction (7.50) by your Groupon cap number.Period." Know your state laws: Some states say that it is illegal to put expiration dates on what are essentially "gift cards." (Groupon's terms of service require that merchants honor coupons for their face value for up to five years after the promotion runs.) Some.You can redeem your Groupon voucher during your sign up for a Gobble account, so that you can enjoy your first Gobble box immediately!As some small businesses have learned the hard way, running a deeply discounted deal can give you so much traffic, and so many customers, that it will cost you money-a lot.Nightmare 1: One-Time Customers, a one-time customer who buys nothing extra is the worst situation for a small-business owner, because you're basically giving your products or services away for free.E-mail marketing is a valuable way of keeping in touch with your customers, however, so now is the time to implement an e-mail list.Unfortunately, that was way more traffic than the salon could reasonably handle, and its.A small, exclusive boutique won't benefit from 600 new customers who now think of the store as a discount brand.Not only do you get to keep your half of the money, but you also don't have to give away any goods or services at a deeply discounted price.Fara Heath, owner of Portland, Oregon-based music school Sound Roots, ran a promotion with LivingSocial in September.Be prepared: Many Groupon customers are in it for the deal - with no intent to come back or to purchase more than the coupon is worth - so you should set up your store or business accordingly.The easiest way to do this is to request an e-mail address at the time of the transaction (note, though, that it is illegal to require an e-mail address or to put an e-mail sign-up list near the register.Use Groupon's redemption tracking services: The best way to avoid repeat coupon use is to use Groupon's redemption tracking services to monitor what coupons have been used.On this transaction as a whole, your business would lose 20 minus.50,.50.A recent study.If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out!Blo, a small salon and day spa in Chicago.December 10, 2010 8 min read.While 66 percent of the 150 respondents said that their Groupon deal was profitable, a significant 32 percent found it unprofitable.That way, Groupon makes a certain amount of money, businesses are guaranteed a certain number of customers, and customers get deep discounts.